Lyrictape connects musicians worldwide and enables collaboration regardless of geographies.

Lyrictape connects music creators across the world so that anyone can make songs, collaborate and turn their creativity into chart-topping hits. Our app helps music enthusiasts or artists to share their work worldwide.

Exciting Features to Elevate Your Music Creator Experience.

Create songs and lyrics seamlessly on Lyrictape’s online platform and collaborate with fellow musicians to bring your musical ideas to life

Music and Lyric Collaboration

Connect with fellow musicians anywhere in the world and jam together to make music and write songs

Cross Platform (coming soon)

Access your lyrics across multiple platforms: web and mobile.

Web2 & Web3 Marketplace (coming soon)

Turn your music work into revenue by releasing it on distribution platforms (such as Youtube) or on blockchains

Discover (coming soon)

Discover other like-minded creators and showcase your work to grow your creative community.


Bringing Lyrics and Songs Into One Place.

Easily keep track of their creative ideas, manage work efficiently, and collaborate with others seamlessly to bring music to life.

With version control features such as collaborator tiers (read only, collaborator, administrator) and edit history, Lyrictape empowers musicians on their journey towards refining their musical work into professional independent artists .

Version and History Control

Invite your collaborators and set up control tier to reduce confusion and refer to version history anytime to refine your creative work.

Virtual Collaboration

Discover other music creators and collaborate on music and lyrics same time or as a project together.

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