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Lyrictape provides a virtual platform to create music and lyrics so that anyone can write songs, collaborate and turn their creativity into chart-topping hits. Our intuitive platforms synchronises music with lyrics and enables music enthusiasts or artists to share their work worldwide.

Exciting Features to Elevate Your Songwriting Experience.

Create and collaborate on music and lyrics seamlessly with Lyrictape’s user-friendly platform empowering Songwriters and musicians to bring their musical ideas to life

Music and Lyric Synchronization

User can connect music and lyric together for easier creativity process

Cross Platform

Access your lyrics across platforms; web and mobile. (Comming soon)

Real-time Collaboration and Feedback

Collaborate virtually regardless of geographical boundaries and get feedback on virtual jam sessions


Discover other creators and showcase your work.


Bring all your lyrics into one place.

Easily keep track of their creative ideas, manage work efficiently, and collaborate with others seamlessly to bring music to life.

With comprehensive metrics on views, likes, and shares, users can gain a deeper understanding of their audience and refine their craft to create more impactful music. This data-driven approach empowers musicians to make informed decisions and achieve greater success in their careers.

Publish Instantly

Publish lyrics and synchronise lyrics with music instantly.

Real Time Collaboration

Discover talents and collaborate on music and lyrics on the go.

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